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It's a cold day in hell...

Posted 2017-04-05 04:39:04 GMT

When Thunderbird is the solution to my email woes.

That being said, it's pretty awesome on Linux. Less than impressed on Windows. Even less so on macOS.

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Gross, but true

Posted 2017-03-08 02:01:03 GMT

My iPhone was having a problem charging recently, and as it would turn out, it was because the charging port was stuffed full of pocket lint. Thanks to this guide, cleaning it out was easy, and once again my phone charges as intended.

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Hacking my keyboard layout

Posted 2017-02-16 22:00:01 GMT

I am a vim user (neovim, actually, but that is a post for another day), and since it relies entirely on keymappings to perform specific editing functions, anything I can do to help my fingers travel a little less on the keyboard means huge productivity gains over time.

While this is not a new hack, it is certainly my favorite. I don't use the caps lock key for anything, so I have made it more useful by remapping two other keys to it: when I tap caps lock, it functions as the escape key, and when I hold it, it acts as control.

For a guide on how to set this up on multiple OSes, check out Economy of Effort.

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Upgrading rsync on macOS

Posted 2017-02-08 21:00:37 GMT

As it would turn out, the rsync that ships with macOS is ancient and slow. Thankfully, if you're a homebrew user, this is easy to fix:

brew tap homebrew/dupes
brew install rsync

(thanks, Bruce Gulke!)

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Replicating data/making backups using rsync

Posted 2017-02-07 21:04:41 GMT

So I admit, I am late to the party here. As my home/office infrastructure has grown, it has become necessary to easily replicate media between laptops, and to reliably make backups of content and data. After some evaluation, the tool that I think is going to best meet my needs is… rsync. Yes, that rsync.

There are a number of helpful guides out there, but I opted for this one. It is not the most detailed, but it's a pretty straightforward guide to getting going with rsync.


rsync -aze ssh /my/media/dir/ remote_user@remotehost.com:/backup/media/dir/

The key is to make sure you always use SSH in conjunction with rsync. Not only does this give you the confidence of transmitting your data securely, but it also adds the convenience of allowing you to use SSH keys in lieu of passwords, making this extremely easy to automate.

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