Services We Offer

Making your ideas reality

Have an idea? We can help.

Let our expertise make your next project a success.

Website Development: We bring top talent together to build the sites you have envisioned for you and your company. Artists and developers collaborate to provide you and your customers the best web applications to meet the needs of your business. Cutting-edge tools and modern software development languages are used to bring you a clean, intuitive, user-friendly, easy to deploy, and easy to maintain site.

And if you are stuck for ideas, let us lend you our creative talents to help build your vision.

Application Development: We know you could make an Access database or spreadsheet to track your list of widgets, but why? It's not convenient, flexible, and let's face it - you probably don't want to be the person responsible for maintaining and enhancing it. Let us take that hassle away from you by providing an application that does exactly what you want. We aren't in the business of providing a canned solution; everyone has differing needs. We will develop the product that meets those needs.

Project Management: Are you having problems keeping your projects on time and on budget? Do you feel like you are speaking a different language than your vendors are? Let us take that burden off your back. We will represent you and your company's interest, and keep your project and vendors on target. Our project management team can manage the entire life-cycle of a project, from the discovery phase to design, development, delivery, and testing of the solution, and ultimately, a successful project go-live.

Communication is the key to success of any project. We will manage the flow of communication between client and vendor, keeping all parties informed of project status and deadlines, and holding responsible parties accountable for their responsibilities and deadlines along the way.

Is your current project in danger of failing? We can help. Crisis management and project rescue are some of our specialties.

Consulting Services: We're more than happy to give our opinion! We excel at needs analysis and gap analysis, and finding pragmatic solutions for your technical issues, be it developing custom software or purchasing existing product (both hardware and software). If you're not sure what you need, we can help you find it.